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Flood Risk Assessment

At Focus 360 Energy, we understand that securing your development against flooding is paramount. With a team of seasoned flood risk assessment consultants and a commitment to the latest in legislation and flood modelling data, we stand ready to transform your project into a flood-resistant reality.

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Explore our Flood Risk Assessments tailored for developments of all sizes, ensuring compliance with local and national planning policies. Join the ranks of satisfied clients who have experienced the clarity and reliability of our detailed assessments.

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What is a Flood Risk Assessment?

A flood risk assessment or FRA reviews a proposal or a development plan (commercial or residential) in order to assess the potential risk or likelihood of flooding. The risk not only comes from rainwater or other groundwater and river sources but the risk can also come from sources including sewer sources, estuary or coastal sources, or surface water.

Flood risk assessments are often a required aspect of planning permission, it is especially the case if the proposed development is taking place in a Flood Zone or a high-risk or at-risk area as the planning permission would likely be invalidated without a comprehensive flood risk assessment.

When is a Flood Risk Assessment Required?

In the UK (England and Wales) the Environment Agency states that it is a requirement to have a professional Flood Risk Assessment submitted with your application for planning when your development is in an area predisposed to flooding or flood risks.

It is also important that you have a Flood Risk Assessment conducted if your development will be located within 20 metres of an Environment Agency main river.

You can use the search facility to search by place name, national grid reference or postcode to find out if your development is located within or close to a flood zone or to discover which flood zone you are in.

What Developments are Required to Have a Flood Risk Assessment

You will need to have a flood risk assessment conducted if your development is located within any one of the flood zones.

This includes developments that are located in a flood zone 2 or 3, even if they are minor developments or change of use developments.

It is also important to know whether your development would be located more than 1 hectare in flood zone 1, and if it is less than a hectare in flood zone 1 where they could be affected by sources of flooding other than rivers and the ocean.

Another time you would need a flood risk assessment is if the development is located within zone 1 which may have critical drainage problems as notified by the Environment Agency. It is important that you contact your local council or planning authority to confirm whether your development would be located in an area that has been identified as having critical drainage issues.

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Ready to get started? Contact Focus 360 Energy today for a Flood Risk Assessment quote. Our online system makes it easy to schedule an assessment, and our team of assessors will guide you through the process.

Why Choose Focus 360 for your Flood Risk Assessment Needs?

The nature of flood risk assessments is what makes them a complex evaluation. If you opt for a non-professional flood risk assessment, it is unlikely that the assessment will cover all flooding eventualities which puts you at a higher risk of rejection during the planning application process. Not only may it put your planning permission at risk, but if permission were to be granted and the development suffered the impact of a catastrophic flood event, a claim of negligence could be made against you.

Our flood risk assessments provide more than just data; they deliver in-depth analyses and specific mitigation strategies tailored to your development. This ensures not only compliance with local and national planning policies but also cost-effective measures to mitigate flood risks.

Transparency is fundamental to our approach. You receive clear, specific advice promptly. Our reports, including detailed flood risk maps, empower you to make informed decisions, register planning applications promptly, and proceed with confidence.

At Focus 360 Energy, we adopt a client-centric approach. Your goals become our goals. We work collaboratively with architects, planners, and developers, providing proactive solutions to flooding challenges. Our continuous support extends through the planning application process until a decision is made.

Choose Focus 360 Energy for a flood risk assessment that goes beyond compliance, safeguarding your development and paving the way for success.

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Our Flood Risk Assessment Methodology

At Focus 360 Energy, our flood risk assessment methodology revolves around acquiring the most accurate data and leveraging our engineering judgement and extensive experience to shepherd your development through the planning process. Collaboration is at the core of our approach, working closely with architects, planning consultants, and the Environment Agency.

Our comprehensive methodology encompasses several key steps:

  • Obtaining your development’s drawings and levels
  • Consulting available databases and acquiring all relevant flood risk information
  • Liaising with the Environment Agency and local planning authorities to understand their requirements
  • Agreeing with the Environment Agency on your flood risk assessment climate change allowance
    Evaluating detailed flood risk information for river, sea, groundwater, run-off, reservoirs, and critical drainage areas
  • Providing clear advice on how to mitigate the risk of flooding

Throughout this process, our proactive stance ensures that we not only deliver advice but also present proven solutions to address potential flooding issues. We remain available for discussions regarding design approaches, collaborating seamlessly with architects and designers.

Our team ensures the delivery of robust solutions that not only align with your planning goals but also adhere to the Environment Agency’s established advice for flood risk assessments. Your project’s success is our priority, and our methodology is designed to achieve just that.

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Ready to safeguard your development from flooding and navigate the planning process with confidence?

Choose Focus 360 Energy for your flood risk assessment needs. Our experienced team, armed with a robust methodology, collaborates seamlessly with architects, planning consultants, and the Environment Agency. We provide not just advice but proven solutions to mitigate flood risks, ensuring your project’s success. Let’s build resilience into your plans—contact us today to start the journey towards a flood-protected and approved development.

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