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SAP Calculations for Scotland

If your project is located in Scotland, you’ll need to comply with the Scotland Section 6 Building Standards for successful completion. We’re here to help ensure that all standards are met and your project can reach its full potential!

SAP Calculations from £80+VAT.

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What is are SAP Calculations for Scotland?

In Scotland, Section 6 of Building Standards must be complied with for all new dwellings. The same rules that apply to England and Wales when it comes to SAP Calculations are applied here too, however Scottish regulations tend to be a bit more rigorous than in the rest of the UK.

The main objective to achieve compliance with these calculations is to make sure that the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER) and Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency (DFEE) rate is lower or equal to the Target Emission Rate (TER). The former describes the actual emission rate of your constructed or designed property while TER represents an estimation based on a property with similar dimensions as this one but in Scotland also assumes that some form of renewable energy has been used.

Scottish Government has confirmed that the implementation date of the Section 6 (Energy) Standard 2022, will be moved from the 1st December 2022 to 1st February 2023. This means any Building Regulation applications received after 1st February 2023 will need to comply with the updated standard assessment procedure. We hope this news helps in your planning and assures you of our commitment to keeping you informed and up-to-date!

What is Section 6 (Energy)?

Are you looking to construct a new residence or commercial building in Scotland? If so, you’ll need to adhere to Section 6 of the Building Standards – which covers energy efficiency, ventilation and overheating prevention for residential and non-residential buildings.

To ensure your construction meets standards, specialist energy compliance software is used to calculate performance levels before and after completion. In Scotland, local authorities are allocated as ‘verifiers’ who assess designs and building checks independently; guaranteeing all regulations have been met.

We are pleased to confirm that the Scottish Government’s Technical Handbooks webpage will soon be updated to reflect the decision to postpone the formalisation of an amendment to the Building (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

Please note: Standard Assessment Procedure, or SAP Calculations, are different from an Energy Performance Certificate. Typical SAP Calculations are used to demonstrate to building control how a building or conversion will comply with building regulations due to a ‘material change’ or ‘change in energy status’ while an EPC demonstrats the energy efficiency of a building.

Often coupled with:

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Energy Statement

water testing

Water Consumption Calculation (Part G)

part o

TM59 Overheating Assessment

air testing

Air Pressure Testing

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Sound Testing

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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

ventilation testing

Ventilation Testing

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Our SAP Process

To get the best out of your SAP Assessor, it’s worth understanding a little about the standard assessment procedure itself. By being informed and educated on what to expect during an assessment, you can help ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.


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SAP Design Stage Calculations

Our expert SAP Assessors will calculate and produce your Design Stage SAP Calculations.


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Guidance for pass (if applicable)

If required, we will provide guidance and advice to help you achieve an energy efficiency pass.


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Complete your SAP Calculations and EPCs

Our team will complete and publish your As-Built SAP Calculations and EPC Certificates.


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Will you need a Heat loss calculation?

If you plan to add an extension or conservatory, a Heat Loss Calculation will be needed to ensure it meets the required thermal standards. These can vary depending on the overall energy performance of your existing dwelling, so you may need to carry out full SAP calculations for your property in order to demonstrate compliance. The same goes for any conversions – don’t forget your Heat Loss Calculation! Our team are knowledgeable and happy to explain what this entails – just get in touch with us!

Our SAP process – how we ensure you meet the required standards

We have a wealth of experience across the UK, and are particularly proud of our comprehensive knowledge in Scotland. Our team of highly qualified energy consultants offer you an in-depth understanding of Building Regulations to ensure your project meets Section 6 regulations. We’ll be here with you every step of the way, from design to completion, delivering friendly, knowledgeable advice that puts your requirements first.

Simply download and complete our checklist and supply all the required information to us and we are able to offer a fast and efficient 5 day turnaround for SAP calculations. If this isn’t soon enough for you, then our expert team can further accelerate the process for just £75 + VAT.

Helpful information you may need to supply?

  • Floor plans, sections & elevations
  • Orientation e.g. site plan of existing elements
  • Construction specification of existing walls, new structures, roofs and floors
  • Specification for all windows
  • Details on primary & secondary heating systems
  • Renewable technology (if any)

Please call 0333 772 2798 if you have any questions.

What is included?

  • All SAP calculation documentation required for compliance with the Building Regulations from Design (PEA) to On Construction 
  • Additional recommendations if required to ensure a pass is achieved every time
  • Advice and support throughout the whole process
  • Quick turnaround
  • We are happy to deal directly with your Builder, Architect or Building Control Officer during our site visit

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SAP Calculations?

SAP stands for ‘Standard Assessment Procedure’ and is the government’s method for calculating the energy performance of dwellings. These calculations are only necessary for residential properties. The calculations determine a Target Emissions Rate (TER) and a Target Fabric Energy Efficiency (TFEE) rate.

How much is a SAP Calculation?

Our fees are typically based upon the size and complexity of a dwelling. We do prefer to offer a bespoke quotation on a job-by-job basis to give you the best price – So get in contact and send us your plans today!

What is required for a SAP Assessment?

Your Assessor would advise you of exactly what is needed. Typically you would need the following:

  • Floor plans, sections & elevations
  • Orientation e.g. site plan
  • Construction specification of walls, roofs and floors
  • Specification for all windows
  • Primary & secondary heating systems
  • Renewable technology (if any)
What happens if my design fails its SAP Assessment?

If your design fails its SAP Assessment, then you will need to revise the design to meet the requirements. Depending on the extent of the changes required, you may need to go through the assessment process again. In some cases, you may need to have additional testing done to verify the design’s performance. The SAP Assessor will provide guidance on the necessary steps to make your design meet the requirements.

Are SAP Calculations different in Scotland to England and Wales?

Yes, SAP calculations for projects in Scotland are different from those in England and Wales. This is because the Scottish Building Regulations have different requirements for energy performance in buildings compared to the regulations in England and Wales. In Scotland, the SAP calculation must be carried out by a qualified and accredited assessor, and the results must be submitted to the local authority as part of the building control process.Also the Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency (DFEE) target is not applicable in Scotland, but the elemental U-Value limits are stricter.

In England and Wales, the SAP calculation is part of the mandatory EPC that must be produced when a building is built, sold, or leased. Therefore, it is important to use an experienced and qualified assessor who is familiar with the specific requirements of the Scottish Building Regulations when carrying out SAP calculations for projects in Scotland.

SAP Calculations for all your building projects

If you are planning a New Build or Conversion, you may need additional services that our experts can assist with, for example Residential Air Testing, Sound Testing, Ventilation Testing, U-Value Calculations, Water Efficiency Calculations, Thermographic Surveys, Energy Performance Certificates, Part O Overheating Calculations, London Plan and Thermal Bridging Calculations.

Get started to day and speak to us about the additional services you may need.

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Part L1A
SAP Calculations for New Builds

All new dwellings must now have a SAP calculation performed at design stage in order to demonstrate compliance with Part L1A of the Building Regulations.

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Part L1B
SAP Calculations for Extensions

If you build an extension where the glazing is over 25% of the floor area, then we can undertake SAP Calculations to demonstrate Part L1B Building Regs compliance.

builders and developers

Part L1B
SAP Calculations for Conversion

If you renovate a building such that there has been a material change in use, then we can undertake SAP Calculations to demonstrate Part L1B Building Regs compliance.

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