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If you’re seeking a mortgage to facilitate your property purchase, it’s imperative to demonstrate that the construction work aligns with acceptable building standards. Mortgage lenders commonly demand proof in the form of a PCC before approving a loan.

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Once known as an Architect’s Certificate or a CML Certificate (Council of Mortgage Lenders), the prevailing industry standard for newly constructed or converted properties is now the UK Finance Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC). This certification, crucial for mortgage approval, is typically administered by a qualified professional.

Is a Professional Consultant’s Certificate Important?

A Professional Consultants Certificate is essential not only for obtaining a mortgage but also for scenarios like remortgaging, selling, or renting the property (especially with a Buy-to-Let mortgage). Valid for 6 years from the certification date, the PCC is issued after a successful final inspection by a qualified surveyor upon the satisfactory completion of works.

Professional Consultants Certificates by Focus 360 Energy

Ideally, we encourage clients to engage our services from the project’s outset, enabling us to conduct surveys and provide guidance at key construction stages. Nevertheless, we also provide support and services for already finished properties. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and receive a tailored quote.

To provide a PCC service, we require essential documentation copies, including planning permissions, ground condition surveys, structural and technical data, building regulation approval, and start and end dates for contracted work. Subsequently, we conduct a site visit and produce a comprehensive report.

Professional Consultants Certificates:
Frequently combined with the following additional services:
SAP Calculation - New Build
SBEM Calculation - (New Build - Non-Domestic)
Air Pressure Testing
Residential EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
Commercial EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
Thermographic Survey
Condensation Risk Assessment

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What is Covered by a Professional Consultant’s Certificate?

A PCC stands distinct from a warranty as it doesn’t safeguard against structural defects in the property. Rather, it serves as an assurance for homeowners and mortgage lenders, confirming the proper construction of the project. In instances of structural issues, the architect may bear responsibility, but proving negligence in court is essential for cost coverage. It’s crucial to highlight that the architect’s liability hinges on their solvency and active trading at the time, coupled with the maintenance of adequate professional indemnity insurance throughout the certificate’s validity.

PCCs are exclusively issued after the satisfactory completion of a building, with a validity of 6 years from the completion date. Beyond this timeframe, PCC protection ceases to apply.

While structural warranties surpass PCCs in various aspects, the latter serves as a viable option for homeowners mindful of their budget constraints. It’s noteworthy that both coverages can be utilised to secure a mortgage.

When is the Right Time for a Professional Consultants Certificate?

A Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) becomes crucial in situations where the property owner intends to sell the building, and the prospective buyer requires a mortgage to finance the purchase. Additionally, if you’re considering renting out the property and aiming to release equity through a mortgage, obtaining a PCC is essential. Typically, these certificates are issued upon the completion of the construction period.

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How is a PCC different to a Structural Warranty?

While a PCC serves as a certification, a Structural Warranty operates as an insurance policy safeguarding property owners against latent defects emerging after the construction’s completion. In terms of duration, a PCC is typically valid for six years, whereas a Structural Warranty extends its coverage for a more extensive period, ranging from 10 to 12 years.

A notable distinction lies in acceptance by financial institutions. Structural warranties enjoy widespread acceptance among all UK mortgage lenders. On the other hand, while a PCC is recognised to some extent by banks and building societies, its acceptance is not as broad as that of a structural warranty. Both have their benefits and one could serve better than the other based on your specific circumstances. To get tailored guidance, contact us today!

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Elevate your project’s standing with a PCC, a six-year validation of quality and compliance. Our expert consultants meticulously assess and affirm the integrity of your build, providing you with the esteemed recognition your project deserves. Secure your construction’s future with our Professional Consultant’s Certificate today. Contact us today to get your tailored quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Professional Consultant’s Certificate (PCC)?

A PCC is a document that confirms a property’s construction or conversion aligns with acceptable building standards. It’s crucial for obtaining a mortgage, remortgaging, selling, or renting a property, especially with a Buy-to-Let mortgage.

When is the right time to get a PCC?

A PCC becomes crucial when selling a property and the buyer requires a mortgage, or when considering renting out the property and aiming to release equity through a mortgage. Typically, PCCs are issued upon the completion of the construction period.

How does a PCC differ from a Structural Warranty?

A PCC serves as a certification confirming the proper construction of a project and is valid for six years from the completion date. In contrast, a Structural Warranty operates as an insurance policy safeguarding against latent defects for a more extended period, usually 10 to 12 years.

What is covered by a Professional Consultant’s Certificate?

A PCC does not safeguard against structural defects but assures homeowners and mortgage lenders of proper construction. It covers the architect’s responsibility for structural issues, provided negligence can be proven in court.

How can I obtain a Professional Consultant’s Certificate from Focus 360 Energy?

To get a PCC, contact Focus 360 Energy for a comprehensive quote. They require essential documentation copies, conduct a site visit, and produce a comprehensive report to issue the certificate, valid for six years from the completion date.

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