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As commercial property owners, you understand the significance of energy efficiency not only in terms of cost savings but also for environmental sustainability. At Focus 360 Energy, we specialise in providing comprehensive Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) services that enhance the energy performance of your commercial buildings.

The Circular Economy Approach
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Elmhurst Energy and ECMK Accredited Assessors.

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Services available nationwide. Fast-Track available.

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Save up-to 50% compared to private building control companies.

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48-hour turnaround from the site visit.

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Designing for Sustainability

What is a Commercial EPC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is essential for any non-domestic building due to it being a legal requirement for marketing or sale, as it provides an informative rating on the energy efficiency from A to G. The higher the rating, the less energy needed and cost-effective your future heating bills will be!

To obtain a commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), you’ll need the help of an accredited, certified non-domestic energy assessor. At Focus 360 Energy we are here to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed when assessing the energy performance of a building.

The best EPC rating possible is an A banding and the lowest is a G. The rating graph is similar to the labels you see attached to new appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. Throughout the UK Energy, performance certificates are produced using standard methods and energy assumptions which allow buildings to be compared with others fairly. This allows property owners, prospective buyers or tenants to view the projected energy consumption and carbon ratings over a yearly basis, so they can consider the overall energy efficiency and fuel costs as part of their investment or living expenses.

Energy Performance Certificates are also accompanied with a recommendation report which outlines cost-effective measures that can be put in place to improve the overall EPC ratings of a given property or loft space.

The energy performance certificate is important as more than 50% of the UK’s energy consumption and carbon emissions are produced by the way that we light, heat and generally use buildings. Relatively small changes such as installing low energy or LED lighting in all outlets of a building, installing solar panels, or considering the construction materials in new buildings can have a profound effect on energy consumption.

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How much is a commercial EPC certificate?

Commercial Calculations and assessments start from £95 per unit depending on the intricacy of the building and the size. When considering the cost of an energy performance certificate, it’s typically cheaper to assess a single property such as a warehouse compared to one with multiple spaces like an office that includes various rooms and areas.

Our team is on-hand to provide expert advice should you have any questions or need more information.

  • Discounts may be available for multiple units and repeat custom.
  • Please contact us for more tailored quotes on energy efficiency rating.
  • Duplications of units of the same type. POA
Circular Economy Statement

Our Commercial EPC Process

1. Schedule your EPC
We work 24/7 to suit your needs and book appointments to suit your busy schedule. Including evening and weekends appointments.

2. The Assessment
One of our qualified EPC assessors will visit you at your premises. The survey will take typically between 1-2 hours to complete.

3. Calculations
Our team will calculate and produce your energy performance certificate and outline any improvement recommendations.

4. Publication
We will publish your Commercial EPC to the government register within 24-48 hours of leaving your property and send you a copy directly via email.

Ready To Enquire?

We specialise in all aspects of energy and environmental efficiency. View our other services to see how we can help you elsewhere with your project.

Do you have concerns about the minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES)?

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation means that from April 2020 landlords cannot grant a new tenancy for a commercial property with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rated below an E unless they have a valid exemption in place.

To ensure that you’re compliant and save time and money, our team will assess your property and provide you with specialist advice on how to quickly improve the energy efficiency rating of your building.

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