What are SAP Calculations?

by | May 17, 2019 | Latest News

The words ‘SAP calculation’ are thrown around a lot when it comes to building regulations and energy efficiency, but it can be confusing for anyone without an industry background when first encountering the term. In this blog post we’ll be discussing what exactly a SAP calculation is, and a few other useful facts you might need to know.

What exactly is an SAP calculation?

SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure, and this is exactly what the name would suggest. A SAP calculation works by assessing in a standardised way the energy efficiency of buildings and therefore their environmental impact. This means that those who own the building can be sure they are meeting any pre-existing regulations and that the property is therefore safe and legal.

Why do we need SAP calculations?

In the UK it is not possible for new-build properties to pass building regulation tests without being approved as part of the standard assessment procedure. Additionally, everyone knows that in today’s world it is increasingly important for companies to be aware of their carbon footprint. The SAP calculation requirement means that there is already a set level of performance that new properties must have before they are available to business owners looking for a building.

SAP calculations cost

SAP calculation is a great option to help ensure regulations are met, and therefore avoid greater cost and more complicated consequences at a later date. When looking into the service, ensure the staff working on your calculation are experienced building surveyors with a history in this area, using the best SAP calculation software. The cost will, of course, vary between providers, but a company such as Focus 360 Energy works to provide the lowest prices possible without compromising on accuracy.

If you’re considering a SAP calculation, why not give a professional, recognised SAP calculation provider a call on 0117 287 2899 for further information? We’ll be happy to give you a SAP calculator free quote instantly.