The Importance of Having a Residential EPC Certificate

Here we explore everything you need to know about an EPC certificate! If you require a residential EPC certificate, trust Focus 360 Energy.
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For homeowners and landlords, understanding the importance of having a residential EPC certificate is incredibly important to reduce energy bills and conform to all legal requirements. Below we look at a residential EPC certificate in more detail and explore why it is so important…

What is a residential EPC certificate?

A residential EPC certificate, or Energy Performance Certificate, is a review of the energy efficiency of a building. The certificate must be created by a qualified EPC assessor, such as Focus 360 Energy, and once issued is valid for 10 years. After the assessment, a building or flat will be rated from A – G, with A being the most energy-efficient rating. The rating of a building will be dependent on the level of carbon dioxide emissions released and energy usage per each m2.

Who needs a residential EPC certificate?

It is never the responsibility of a tenant to organise an EPC certificate and all issued EPC certificates can be viewed online for free. In April 2018 it became a legal requirement that landlords must achieve an EPC of E or higher before they can rent a property to a tenant.

So, why is having a residential EPC certificate important?

For homeowners, having an EPC certificate is important as the higher the EPC rating, the lower your energy bills will be, helping both the environment and your finances. Each EPC comes with guidance about how to improve your EPC rating, helping you save money.

For landlords, estate agents and homeowners looking to sell their property, an EPC survey is important as it may be a contributing factor to why an individual chooses to rent or not rent your building.

Focus 360 Energy are experienced EPC assessors who have the relevant knowledge and expertise to deliver Energy Performance Certificates Bristol homeowners and landlords can trust. For more information about the residential EPCs we deliver, simply contact us today online, or call 0117 287 2899.

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