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Reinstate Cost Evaluations for Insurance Purposes

Our compliant reinstatement cost evaluations offer a robust approach to determining the rebuild value for your building insurance. At Focus 360 Energy, our dedicated and nationwide team of Building Insurance Surveyors specialises in conducting precise Reinstatement Cost Evaluations.

The Circular Economy Approach
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Elmhurst Energy and ECMK Accredited Assessors.

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Save up-to 50% compared to private building control companies.

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48-hour turnaround from the site visit.

Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of all aspects of your property during a physical visit to provide an accurate valuation for rebuilding. This ensures that in the event of a valid claim, your insurance policy will respond as expected, providing full compensation.

Given the rise in building material and labour costs, accurate insurance coverage is crucial. Undervalued properties may result in inadequate payouts in case of a claim. Our Insurance Reinstatement Valuation offers a comprehensive solution.

Designing for Sustainability

What is a Reinstatement Cost Evaluation?

A Reinstatement Cost Evaluation involves physically visiting a property to measure and assess the reinstatement costs. Typically carried out in cases of total loss or substantial damage requiring demolition and rebuilding, this assessment determines the total cost, covering property rebuild, demolition, debris removal, and professional and statutory fees. This declared value serves as the basis for insurance purposes.

Types of Properties Requiring Evaluation

Properties made from non-standard materials, featuring special architectural elements, listed buildings, those with alterations, expensive fixtures, pre-WWII construction, difficult accessibility, or change in use, are recommended for a Reinstatement Cost Evaluation by a regulated professional.

What’s Included in a Reinstatement Cost Evaluation?

Upon completing the assessment, you will receive a detailed report specifying the declared or rebuild value, the inspection details, the date, and a property description.

Get an Reinstatement Cost Evaluation Quote

Ready to get started? Contact Focus 360 Energy today for a Reinstatement Cost Evaluation quote. Our online system makes it easy to schedule an assessment, and our team of assessors will guide you through the process.

Regular Updates

According to guidelines, it is essential to check the sum insured regularly, adjusting annually for inflation and conducting a major review every three years or earlier if significant alterations are made to the property. Ensuring correct insurance coverage is vital, preventing under-insurance or over-insurance scenarios. Reinstatement Cost Assessments for insurance purposes become imperative in this context.

Why do I Need a Reinstatement Valuation?

Reinstatement valuation ensures your property is insured for the correct amount, covering demolition, site clearance, materials, labour, and professional fees. It is not the same as market value, emphasising the importance of accurate insurance coverage. For expert and independent advice on buildings and contents insurance, including Reinstatement Cost Assessments, contact our insurance team at Focus 360 Energy. We have a proven track record in conducting RCEs across diverse sectors, providing accurate valuations for hundreds of buildings/contents annually.

Why Focus 360 Energy?

Our Reinstatement Cost Assessments are meticulous, and undertaken on a building-by-building basis. This allows for a detailed analysis of values at risk and estimated maximum losses, aiding in negotiations with insurers. Challenges in evaluating specialist buildings are met with expertise, particularly in assessing listed or unique structures. Our thorough assessments ensure full coverage, preventing potential pitfalls such as the Condition of Average Clause in case of under-insurance.

Circular Economy Statement

The Reinstatement Cost: Not Just Numbers

The Reinstatement Cost isn’t just a number; it ensures your property can be fully restored after a catastrophe. It covers everything from clearing the site of debris to considering the unique aspects of your property, like architecture and materials. Labour costs include skilled craftsmanship for a faithful restoration, while professional fees ensure experts guide the process, complying with regulations and maintaining quality.

In essence, the Reinstatement Cost represents the true cost of rebuilding, recognising it’s not just about materials but recreating the essence and uniqueness of your property. When your insurance is based on this cost, it’s a pledge from your insurer to understand the intricacies of rebuilding, assuring you comprehensive coverage for recovery, not just financially, but in essence and character. It’s the security that your insurance is a plan to restore what you’ve built.

Ready To Enquire?

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Ready to safeguard your property with comprehensive insurance coverage?

Choose Focus 360 Energy for our meticulous Reinstatement Cost Evaluations, ensuring comprehensive coverage for unforeseen events. Don’t leave the fate of your property to chance.

Contact us now to secure insurance coverage aligned with the nuanced and intricate process of restoration – a plan that goes beyond a financial safety net to rebuild and cherish what you’ve built. Your property deserves the comprehensive protection of Focus 360 Energy.

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