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What is Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)?

There are a number of exemptions to MEES penalties and FOCUS 360 Energy can offer advice and guidance about what’s required. If landlords can demonstrate that all energy efficiency improvements have been successfully carried out, they may be exempt from having to comply with MEES. If consent to make improvements to the property is refused or temporarily withheld by a third party such as the resident tenant or local authority, the landlord will also be exempt from MEES. If a qualified expert confirms that any potential improvements would result in a 5% or more devaluation of the property value, then it will also be exempt from MEES. All exemptions that last for five or more years will need to be placed on a government register.

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MEES is a new standard or legislation that took effect in April 2018. At its core, Landlords need to ensure that the rental property has a minimum EPC Certificate rating of E. From April 2020, the rules are tightened to affect all tenancies. If a landlord does not comply, then the property cannot legally be let and fines can be levied if the rules are broken.

Focus 360 Energy can carry out a Compliance Report that will identify the measures needed to get the EPC to the desired rating. We look at things like heating systems, insulation and the overall effectiveness of windows and doors in protecting against draughts.

Once complete, a range of suggestions will be made on how you can improve your rating from the simple quick fix installs like fitting LED lighting to pricier measures such as installing a new boiler or double glazing.

Tenants are becoming more aware of global warming and the importance of a reduced carbon footprint, so they will often take the EPC rating into account before renting or buying the property. Contact Focus 360 Energy today to book your MEES inspection.

Property Landlords, are you ready for 1st April 2023?

From April 2023, UK landlords will not be able to grant or renew a Lease if their commercial or privately owned rental property has an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of F or lower.

The legislation will apply to all new leases, extensions, renewals, and sub-lets (from six months to 99 years). In order to improve the EPC rating, the landlord must have work carried out to increase the property’s energy efficiency, such as replacing the boiler or insulating the property.

Fines for continuing to let a property from this date will amount to a minimum of £5,000, up to £150,000. To ensure you’re not caught out by the change, you should have an energy efficiency assessor check that your property’s EPC rating is at least an E or above ahead of the deadline.

It is also extremely important for Landlords looking to purchase a property that they ensure they are not caught out by the change. Focus 360 energy efficiency assessors can check that your property’s EPC rating is at least an E or above ahead of the deadline and will help advise you changes if required.

Stricter proposals to follow for 2025

As part of the government’s objective to increase energy efficiency and achieve net-zero carbon targets for 2030 , it’s pressing for greater energy efficiency in homes.  Therefor, all newly rented properties will need an EPC of at least Band C from 31st December 2025.

Current tenancies will be given until 31st December 2028 to meet this new target. and fines for not having a valid EPC will also increase from £5000 to £30,000!

This new legislation is expected to come into effect some time in 2022 and it means around 3.2 million privately rented properties in England and Wales will require work to meet the new government targets.

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Important information to help you get ready for MEES 

What do you need to do?

  • There are some exemptions. Check to see if your property is exempt or we can help you with this
  • Be Aware: Don’t ignore this – the risks and penalties for non-compliance are up to £150,000
  • Ensure the property is insulated
  • Replace old inefficient boilers
  • Replace older fluorescent tubes and halogen bulbs with LEDs or more modern fluorescent lighting

How can we help?

  • We can provide all required EPCs and completion of MEES Risk Reports which details all sites ‘at risk’ (F or G rated) and proposed next steps to ensure compliance.
  • Additional recommendations if required to ensure a pass is achieved every time
  • Advice and support throughout the whole process
  • Quick turnaround

Our Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard Process

  • Focus 360 Energy will ensure your property meets all legislative obligations and we will aim to identify extra savings and benefits to mitigate upcoming incremental costs.
  • We can help advise you on the best way to ensure your properties are compliant and improve your energy efficiency now and into the future

Why use us?

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