How long is a residential energy efficiency certificate valid for?

Discover how long Energy Efficiency Certificates are valid, how property type affects it, and how other factors influence the validity of your certificate

As part of the national drive to limit emissions, use sustainable materials where possible and protect our environment, the UK Government introduced Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) so that prospective property buyers are aware of the energy rating of any buildings they are interested in purchasing.

How an Energy Performance Certificate in Bristol is graded

It became a legal requirement from the 21st of May for all residential properties that were being put on the “for sale” market to have a Residential EPC Certificate.

EPCs detail the energy efficiency of a building, describing its carbon footprint. They are graded from A to G, with an “A” grade being the most energy efficient. All EPCs are valid for a ten-year period.

If the property in question is a new build, it is the responsibility of the builder to provide the owners with an EPC certificate. When reselling a property, it is down to the current owners to present a copy of the certificate to the prospective buyer.

Finding a local EPC assessor

If you are selling a residential property and you do not have an EPC, you will need to find a local EPC assessor who can carry out a survey and issue you with the necessary documentation. Not only does this apply to private homeowners, but to landlords too. Certificates must be given (free of charge) to the new owner or tenant before they take possession of the property.

If you live in the Bristol area, you can obtain your energy performance Certificate Bristol from us here at foCus360energy. EPCs for one-bedroom properties start at £44, and for up to three bedrooms they are available from £54. You will need to ask for a quotation for properties with more than three bedrooms. As a rule, we issue EPCs upon completion of the survey.

You can contact focus360energy by completing the “contact us” page on our website, or by calling us on 0117 287 2899.



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