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At Focus 360 Energy, we understand that the journey to energy-efficient living begins at home. A Home User Guide (HUG), is a comprehensive resource meticulously crafted by housebuilders for occupiers of new dwellings to empower homeowners in the UK to make the most of their living spaces while minimising their environmental impact.

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Our specialists are here to help you craft comprehensive home user guides for all of your new residents.

What is a Home User Guide (HUG)?

In compliance with Part L of the building regulations (AD-L), every new residential development in England and Wales requires a  Home User Guide. While known as Home Energy Guides in Wales, these guides are a regulatory necessity to provide occupants with comprehensive information on their home’s building services, functionalities, usage guidelines, and maintenance requirements.

Under AD-L 2021, our guides go beyond the basics. We not only cover general usage but also delve into the specifics of ventilation, heating, hot water systems, and guidance on low-carbon or renewable technologies within the property. Our building performance specialists work closely with housebuilders to create clear, user-friendly guides, ensuring that each property’s uniqueness is addressed.

Often coupled with:

Air Pressure Testing
Ventilation Testing - Intermittent Extraction
Ventilation Test - Continuous mechanical extract
Professional Consultants Certificate
Thermographic Survey

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What Should a Home User Guide Cover?

A Focus 360 Energy User Guide is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We create tailored guides for each property, offering non-technical advice on:

Clear instructions for general ventilation measures, including information on natural and mechanical ventilation units.

Heating and Domestic Hot Water
Comprehensive guidance on operating heating and hot water systems, with a focus on newer technologies like heat pumps.

Staying Cool in Hot Weather
Tips on maintaining safe and comfortable indoor temperatures.

On-Site Electricity Generation
Information and maintenance guidance for units such as photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

Our commitment is to provide clear and accessible advice, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions that enhance the energy performance of their homes.

Our Home User Guide Service

At Focus 360 Energy, we take pride in offering a comprehensive Home User Guide (HUG) service that spans from the initial data collection to the polished production of a bespoke guide, ensuring your property stands out in efficiency and compliance.

During the “Collect” phase, our experts gather crucial information about your property’s energy systems during the SAP assessment. This comprehensive data forms the foundation for a tailored HUG template. We provide a draft for your review, allowing you to ensure the guide accurately represents your property’s unique features.

In the “Produce” phase, our dedicated team refines the draft into the final HUG. We incorporate plot-specific variations, capturing the distinct aspects of each unit. The result is a polished guide ready for distribution to occupants and building control, ensuring both compliance and an elevated experience for homeowners.

Circular Economy Statement

Benefits of Focus 360 Energy Home User Guides

Our HUGs bring forth both environmental and financial advantages for new homes. By preventing unnecessary energy use or loss, we contribute to lower carbon emissions and reduced fuel bills. Some developers also leverage our guides to communicate the broader credentials of their developments, showcasing local amenities and on-site facilities.

Most importantly, our HUGs ensure compliance with AD-L building regulations, providing peace of mind to developers and homeowners alike.

Get Expert Guidance for your Home User Guide

Our seasoned specialists ensure meticulous data collection during the SAP assessment, creating a foundation that aligns seamlessly with your dwelling’s unique specifications. With a keen eye for detail, we refine the draft into a polished guide, incorporating plot-specific variations.

Choose us for more than just compliance—experience efficiency that’s distinctive and expertly tailored to your property. Transform your home’s energy narrative with Focus 360 Energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Home User Guide (HUG)?

A Home User Guide (HUG) is a comprehensive resource created by housebuilders for new homeowners in the UK. It provides detailed information about the building services, functionalities, usage guidelines, and maintenance requirements of their new dwellings.

What should a Home User Guide cover?

A Home User Guide should cover various aspects, including ventilation, heating, domestic hot water systems, staying cool in hot weather, and on-site electricity generation. It offers clear instructions and non-technical advice to help homeowners operate their homes efficiently.

Why is a Home User Guide important?

A Home User Guide is important because it empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their homes, enhancing energy performance and minimizing environmental impact. It also ensures compliance with building regulations, providing peace of mind to developers and homeowners.

How is a Home User Guide created?

A Home User Guide is created through a meticulous process that involves data collection during the SAP assessment. This data is used to create a tailored HUG template, which is then refined into the final guide, incorporating plot-specific variations.

What are the benefits of Focus 360 Energy Home User Guides?

Our Home User Guides bring both environmental and financial advantages to new homes. They help reduce carbon emissions and fuel bills by preventing unnecessary energy use or loss. Additionally, developers can leverage our guides to showcase the credentials of their developments, enhancing their appeal to potential buyers.

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