Energy Performance Certificates

For Residential & Commercial Properties

Focus 360 Energy have been providing Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for over 10 years. We carry out all different types of EPC survey and offer a “one-stop” approach to building and compliance needs. Speak to us today about Residential EPC, Commercial EPC, SAP Calculations and SBEM Calculations.


Residential EPC

From £49.95

Records the energy efficiency of a building on a simple graph, required when selling or renting a property.


Commercial EPC

From £130

If you’re looking to sell or rent a commercial property, then in most cases you’ll need a Commercial EPC.


SAP Calculations

From £120

You will require SAP Calculations whether you are extending, renovating or changing the use of a property.


SBEM Calculations

From £200

Used to calculate the compliance of your new build commercial property with Part L Building Regulations.


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We are happy to carry out DEC’s all over the UK, regardless of the size or complexity as there is nothing out of our remit.

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  • Focus 360 Energy offer a wide range of services covering all your sustainability needs under one roof, saving you time and inconvenience.
  • We are constantly keeping up to date with changes in our industry to enable us to offer you the most up to date advice.
  • We build relationships of trust with our clients and add value in all that we do.
  • We offer a service that is tailored specifically to you and your businesses needs.