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Virtual Reality tours

Virtual reality is becoming more widely used within our society and it won’t be long before this technology is as standard adopted in many parts of our day to day activities be it for work or pleasure. VR headsets are more accessible than people might think, Google cardboard VR headsets can be picked up for a couple of pounds and other branded headsets for not much more than that.

Our 360 virtual tours can be designed to be compatible VR headsets bringing interactive viewing to your customers at events or from the comfort of their own home.

How do VR headsets work?

VR headsets allow you to view 3D virtual tours in true VR form. They do this by projecting the imagery directly on to your eyes without any interference from the outside world. As the feed is projected on to each eye separately you and give the user a real feel of “being there”.

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Virtual Reality tours bristol

Immersive experience

Our virtual reality tours have the ability to fully immerse your clients in a 3D world, creating an experience they won’t soon forget


Easy to use

Our Matterport VR tours are easy to navigate through, making it easy for the user to move from room to room.

Saves time for estate agents

Potential buyers make an informed decision on a given property before picking up the phone to make an enquiry

Multiple uses, available from anywhere

Trade shows

Hand over the VR headset to customers visiting your stand to show them what your venue has to offer. The immersive experience will entice customers in and help them make an informed decision on your services.

Mobile Sales Tools

Hand over VR headsets during a sales meeting when touting for new business and show clients what your venue has to offer. Your guaranteed to be one step ahead of the competition.


Use VR headsets to educate your staff when access to a given location is not feasible.

Property Construction

Use VR headsets to show overseas clients the progress of a project your managing and reducing the need for as many face to face meetings as you currently conduct.

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Virtual Reality tours bristol

Our 3D Virtual Reality tour process

1. Schedule your Virtual Reality tour scan

We work 24/7 to suit your needs and book appointments to suit your busy schedule. Including evening and weekends appointments.


2. The Scan

One of our qualified photographers will visit you at your premises. The scan will take typically between 30 minutes – 4 hours to complete depending on the property type & size, time setting up equipment and access.

3. 3D Scan

Our Matterport camera will scan the space in a virtual world, stitching all of the items together. 3D virtual tours are typically sent within 2 working days from the day of scanning.

4. View your space in a digital world

3D virtual tours are typically sent within 2 working days of the space being scanned and the configuration completed. You will then be able to share and view this tour from wherever you are.

Virtual Reality tours available across the UK

We are happy to carry out our Virtual Reality services across the UK, regardless of the size or complexity as there is nothing out of our remit.

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