London Plan Energy Planning Requirements in Richmond upon Thames

Planning applications in London need to be accompanied by an Energy Strategy which details how the development will meet energy and emission targets in line with GLA and local planning policy.

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Why do you need a London Plan?

The Greater London Authority’s new London Plan was released in December 2017 and changes have been submitted in almost all areas of energy policy.

As with the current London Plan, the new plan will a big impact on the energy strategies for new buildings. The main focus is still to “be lean, be clean, be green”. However the Mayor has now taken it much further, with new energy requirements, minimum levels and approaches for all domestic developments within London becoming much stricter.

On larger developments, the London Plan Energy Strategy will need to show how a zero carbon standard will be achieved through a mix of renewable technologies, heating networks, fabric improvements and carbon offset payments.

Planners need to consider how the building design can reduce the need for cooling systems, calculate the embodied energy of the materials used, examine risks of summer overheating and show how the development may impact local air quality.

On top of this, the GLA has adopted a newer calculation method (known as SAP10emissions), which steers developers away from gas boiler solutions in favour of the latest heat pump technology.

Smaller developments may not have to commit to the same level of sustainable construction, but requirements are still tough to achieve with a 35% emissions improvement over standard Building Regulations.

Our Complete Solution

Focus 360 Energy can help ensure you have everything you need to meet compliance on your development with a “one stop shop” approach having multiple services available that cover Overheating Analysis, Whole Life Cycle, Circular Economy, occupational energy and on-site air and acoustic testing.

Having to use SAP10emissions on major schemes makes it more complex. The team at Focus 360 Energy is aware these results can be very different from regular SAP and SBEM calculations, and can explain what this means for your development.

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